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August 13, 2009

What are expectations?

Is it eagerly waking up Christmas morning to be greeted by the Mini Wood Workshop you always wanted?

Is it pruning yourself ready to accept that ‘sure-thing’ job promotion?

It is all of these things, but as marketers, understanding (and managing) audience expectations should be part and parcel of our job remit. Audience and citizen expectations are formulated over time by the way they interact with b(r)ands and services. However, the platforms and utilities that connect them to this content are in control of marketers if they wish, yet we continue to ‘predict’ the audience expectations rather than develop an understanding of the way the human mind works and performs these interactions.

In its simplest form, we are all guilty of thinking we know what the audience wants. Ultimately, we don’t. Trends and technologies move far too fast for us to try and take a shot in the dark. By looking closer at the human psyche, we can begin to manage audience expectations, and further influence the way they interact with our content.

This video was shared via Twitter by the top dog Adland Suit (who by the way also has an outstanding blog you should check out here) and inspired me to write this post. It shows Bobby McFerrin using audience participation to demonstrate the power of the pentatonic scale. It does however provide a brilliant visual representation for this post. Enjoy. 🙂

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