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Goodbye Blyk? How about Thank You Blyk…

July 27, 2009

Go Blyk

I have become increasingly infuriated with the number of negative and/or ‘goodbye’ focussed blog posts and news stories relating to the closing of Blyk. Blyk goes bye bye, Blyk Closes Down and Goodbye Blyk are all headlines that have popped up over the past few days, but people, we are missing the fundamental message!

The success of the MVNO has dried up with advertisers departing, but the future is with partnerships and operators. Blyk in essence, is not coming to an end. Its message and moral is to be passed on throughout the industry and I have not a doubt in my mind (and have it on good authority) that it will grow into a bigger and more powerful beast. Blyk was just a catalyst for the disruption that will ultimately shape the market forever. Citizens change, business models change and our understanding as industry stakeholders must remain flexible in order to continually adapt with the fast pace of modern life.

By focussing on partnerships, Blyk is doing us all a favour by reinforcing the future of mobile advertising. And with Vodafone (Netherlands) and Orange (UK) on board, I don’t doubt that it won’t be long before we see many more partners established.

Thank You Blyk.

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  1. July 28, 2009 6:23 am

    Great post Carl – it is refreshing to read an article that focusses on what is really going on rather than wannabe tabloid hacks trying to grab inflammatory headlines.

    Keep it up buddy 🙂

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