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Changing the World, One App at a Time: Spotify Mobile

July 27, 2009

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, its finally here. I first wrote about a potential for Spotify Mobile back in January, when a blog post by Gustav Soderstrom rattled its way around the Twitterverse. The long and short of it – Gustav left his position at Yahoo as Director of Business Development, to join Spotify as Director of Portable Solutions. It was clear something was going to happen! And now its here! As the following Youtube preview shows, the Spotify iPhone App is very much a reality.

So what is the significance of this app? Why am I and so many others so excited?

Although only available to paying premium subscribers, like its desktop counterpart, Spotify is opening up an enormous world of music to the masses, for a very reasonable price. The ever increasing and emerging illegal download market continues to challenge the ways in which record labels try to safeguard their content. By scrapping the ‘pay per track’ business model established by iTunes, it creates a flexibility with the audience, whose musical tastes and constant desire for the latest music means they dont want to have to pay for every new track as and when it is released.

Spotify is meeting its citizens half way and recognising the necessity to constantly adapt and change the way we as an audience receive content, at the same time as maintaining a relevant and successful revenue stream. I for one believe this could change the face of music forever, and would not be surprised to see other content (movies, games etc) follow a similar suit.

Lets see if Apple let it into the store however!

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