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Rant: Is it worth it?

June 24, 2009
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We often come into contact with people with poor attitude, and a lot of the time it will not have such a great impact upon us. However what really grinds me is when peoples poor attitude is supported by a ‘its not worth it’ attitude. What’s not worth it exactly?

It’s not worth making the effort to improve peoples lives?

It’s not worth that sense of achievement when you reach your goal?

It’s not worth going that extra mile for someone or something you care about?

It’s not worth giving up your spare time to look after anyone but number one?

It’s not worth sleepless nights and countless grind?

It’s not worth taking the time to research because you already (think) you know what they want?

It’s not worth doing anything that won’t directly impact upon you?

Whether it’s your personal life or business life, never think that it’s not worth it. Regardless of the amount of time it will take, how much it costs or whether it affects you, the sheer drive to change the world should be more than enough to give you the motivation you need. So the next time an ambitious or time consuming ‘project’ lands at your feet, think of the rewards at the end of the road before thinking about the risks. That way, your attitude towards your own involvement will be a lot more positive.

I leave you with an example of an ambitious and time consuming project that, despite the obvious lack of superficial reward, must have left the artist with a monumental sense of achievement.

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