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Review: Mobile Advertising UK

June 16, 2009

After the huge success of the EverySingleOneOfUs Powow, Mobile Advertising UK was under a lot of pressure to perform, and honestly did not let itself down! An eclectic range of speakers and panellists was harmoniously juxtaposed with furious debate and several beers!

Team work makes the dream work

Mobile Advertising UK – 15th June 2009 – Westminster University, London

Overview – Mobile Advertising UK was a one-day conference designed to unveil the results of a UK specific research project carried out by Every Single One Of Us and AEneas Strategy into the mobile advertising market. The event and research intended to cut through the hype surrounding the mobile advertising industry, and give a clear and true representation of the state of the current market as well as highlighting key industry strategies to stimulate mobile advertising revenue growth.

In honesty however, this was not achieved. I think the debates sparked more questions than answers; good questions however. It goes to show that there is still a long way to go before this industry is a huge success, and goes from below 1% of total media spend, to the dizzy heights of TV and Online at around 30%.

Venue – The venue was the Old Cinema at Westminster University on Regent Street. The venue did not reflect the audience of modern, dynamic creative thinkers, however it was comfortable and pleasant enough to see us through the day. Next time however, a venue a little more inspiring with decent air conditioning would be a bonus (I blame all those sweaty telco reps! :)).

The Old Cinema

Speakers – There was a huge range of speakers throughout the day (all of which can be found on the agenda here) however none can match up to the sheer brilliance that was Mr Rory Sutherland. Hearing him talk for the first time was an absolute honour, and his articulated approach to mobile and the advertising industry in general is truly inspiring. His metaphorical explanations supported a range of brilliant comments which certainly gave food for thought for many in the audience.

Personal View – Overall, I had to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. Despite a few presentations feeling a bit ‘too salesy’ and a drift from the focus on the citizen, it was a day in which some of the industries biggest movers and shakers demonstrated a willingness to become involved with the ESOOU movement. I couldn’t help but feel there is still a reluctance, mainly from network operators, to shift their own ideals and share their precious data, but once we have recognised the rewards available as a collective, their grip on this data will ease ever so slightly and allow us to fully exploit the potential of this powerful medium.

Networking Drink of Choice – If I remember correctly, the drink of choice was Konig Pilsner. Not the ideal choice but 7 or 8 of those ice cold brewskis certainly fuelled some great chat and banter after a long day of talks.

Reinforced New Friends(hips) – Rather than tell you about the new people I met, I have decided to praise those who I have had the pleasure of drinking with and talking to again.

  • Barney Craggs – Despite being blamed for encouraging his drinking, this guy continues to offer such a brilliant insight on every opinion and discussion. Top bloke.
  • James Cameron – A chance meeting at the first ESOOU powwow has resulted in a great new working relationship and one which will continue to grow with the mobile industry. This guy made this event rock and deserves a lot of praise for that! Go check

And to add to that list, brilliant to chat with Mark Schmoeger, Alex Mecklenburg and Alex Rahaman.

Key Points

  • The industry is going places – however there is still a reluctance to work together!
  • There isn’t a lack of creativity – we know we can create some amazing campaigns and services using the mobile platform, yet getting it in front of the right citizens is the key.
  • Prisoner to metrics – We need to be careful not to over-measure. A bit of freedom and flexibility, accompanied by a small serving of risk never hurt anybody…much. 🙂
  • Check out the list of key tweets here to see what had to be said, well worth going over the full list.

Overall I am delighted to have been able to attend and meet and catch up with so many great people. Glad that Mobile Advertising Matters could play a role in raising the profile of this exciting event, and looks forward to being part of future editions!

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