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Beyond Demographics – Using Mobile to collect better insights

May 27, 2009

This latest blog post by the genius that is Tomi Ahonen is a must read for anyone and everyone who wants to/is currently entering the mobile advertising space. After a  good 20 minutes with a coffee and this blog post, it has made me realise an extension to a current product/service that is very close to my heart and have already emailed the necessery person to pass on my thoughts. Click the image below to view the post. I recommend printing it out and going through with a higlighter and pen and making a few notes of your own. 🙂

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  1. May 27, 2009 9:20 am

    Hi Carl,

    Have you considered Privacy restrictions when looking at taking demographic insights from sign up data before the data is used for monetisation?

    In the display world, privacy is really the topic of the moment focusing in with the likes of Phorm etc. As a user do you feel or think that mobile users would be comfortable with their data being used straight away with an opt-out method, either cookie or sign up based, or think this should be used via an opt in method either online or at sign up again?

    • carlmartin1987 permalink*
      May 27, 2009 9:31 am

      Privacy is just one of several obstacles the industry faces in ensuring the sustainable future of the mobile advertising industry. The 7 unique benefits of mobile are all affected by the boundaries that privacy, permission and preference pose, however there are ways to overcome this. Incentive based schemes are just one of the ways in which industry stakeholders are facilitating the avoidance of issues such as privacy. However I think it is right, and only right, when the user has agreed to opt in to the use of their data. Over time however, when cohesion and a universal understanding of the industry is achieved by advertisers and operators alike, the opt in process will simply be a formality of the sign up process.

  2. May 27, 2009 10:25 am

    Hi Carl and readers of the Mobile Advertising Matters blog

    Thanks for mention and great discussion. I twittered about it with a link, hope we’ll get more to join the discussion.

    Personally, I am v committed to the opt-in version. I do think, it is significantly slower to collect a willing customer base, but that is significantly more valuable than millions of unsuspecting eyeballs without opt-in. So it takes longer to build the customer base with persissions, but is far more practical and actionable.

    Take me. If a car maker were to ask permnission and offer some reason to – am not currently in the market to buy a car and have no need while living here in Hong Kong but have owned in the past and intend to own one in the future again – and they are for example involved with my passion, Formula One. Then yes, I’d love to be signed up for Renault or Toyota or BMW or Ferrari or Mercedes (McLaren) etc. But they would need to find me based on my interest (F1) and not for example to pitch a generic family car proposition to me. In that case, I’d be much more brand-specific, primarily only interested in two car brands, Audi and Aston Martin (the second more as aspirational than real, but who knows, I might win the lottery one day ha-ha),

    So if its just a generic car brand, I’d be more particular and selective. But if its my passion (F1) then I’d be more willing to accommodate the brands.. But I’d want to be asked permission. And after that, I’d be very happy to receive anything they send me.

    My two cents..

    Lets see what others write..

    Tomi Ahonen 🙂

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