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Help Improve Mobile Advertising Matters

May 18, 2009

From the range of comments, emails and stats received from my blog, I have begun to recognise the broad demographic of my readers. In fact, I have identified 3 groups.

–          The Local Crop – No blogger goes without his loyal entourage of friends and family, however mine has branched out and is now well read by a hoard of students at Bournemouth University

–          Ad Agencies – As I browse the latest stats and recorded IP addresses on my blog, I cannot help but notice repetition of some big agency names. BBDO, BBH, TBWA, Ogilvy and Publicis to name a few! And not just in the UK! I have addresses recorded from Saatchi Malaysia to BBDO New York!

–          The Mobile Industry UK Big Bods – The likes of Andrew Grill, James Macdonald, Alex Rahaman and James Cameron have all stumbled across my blog. The main benefit has been through a well chosen domain name; however the endless networking opportunity that is Twitter has helped to expand this reader base.

But what does all this mean? My original intention for this blog was to own my little portion of the World Wide Web; to demonstrate an awareness of the industry to potential employers. However, since becoming employed and establishing contacts within the industry, it has grown into a whole new animal. With well over 5000 unique visitors in 5 months and endless enquiries as a result, I have begun to understand how people are using my blog. Nevertheless, I want it to get even better. I want to create more opportunities such as media partnering the Mobile Advertising UK Event.

So, as the loyal reader base, I put it to you to offer suggestions and improvements for Mobile Advertising Matters for the coming months. This can be in the form of hints and tips in the comment section below, or a full blown email with where you think significant changes can be made. I eagerly await your feedback!

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  1. carlmartin1987 permalink*
    May 18, 2009 10:14 am

    Email me at with your suggestions

    Thanks again.

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