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Guide Box – Innovation, Simplicity, Practicality.

May 10, 2009


Chris Ryan, a Bournemouth University Interactive Media Student and We Love Mobile employee, is currently working on an incredibly exciting mobile project. In a time when augmented reality and 3D mobile applications are trending, we often forget the power of mobile devices in their simplest form.

Guide Box has been developed for blind or visually impaired mobile phone users. Developments in mobile screen reader technologies have allowed blind or visually impaired people to take advantage of most of the functions that a modern mobile phone has to offer. Guide Box provides a service that enables those with a visual impairment to quickly and easily get building access information on their mobile phone. Many public buildings can be large, confusing and difficult for anyone to find their way around.

The Guide Box service aims to empower visually impaired users to approach and access unfamiliar public buildings on their own, with confidence, and without having to make an appointment. This service uses a combination of text messages, mobile internet pages and audio files to allow the user to retrieve this information. Guide Box has been developed in response to the lack of available location-based information for the visually impaired.

By identifying a genuine issue, Guide Box is harnessing the power of wireless technology to create a practical solution. From a business angle, there are plenty of opportunities to expand and franchise the product, and it is sure to go onto bigger and better things. It has gained recognition from the Mobile User Experience awards, and is now a nominee. Go vote for Chris and Guide box here.

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  1. Chris Ryan permalink
    May 10, 2009 1:09 pm

    Thanks dude!

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