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Opinion: Mobile Marketing Growing in Importance

April 23, 2009


>Companies across Europe are increasingly viewing mobile marketing as an important strategy for their organisations, new research has suggested. According to the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA), 23 per cent of those who see online marketing as an essential tactic are upping their spending on the mobile medium significantly. Furthermore, almost one-third of all respondents said they currently make use of mobile ads as part of their internet marketing strategies.

The survey also suggested that 70 per cent of European advertisers are spending more on online marketing this year than they did in 2008, with expenditure expected to increase by 21 per cent next year and 15 per cent in 2011. “Market conditions are tough, yet online is continuing to innovate and emerging formats such as mobile advertising and online video advertising look set to become big players,” remarked Alison Fennah, executive director at the EIAA. Last month, eMarketer predicted that those involved with mobile marketing will increasingly seek to replicate the PC-based success of search engine marketing on the mobile channel.”<

Its great to see hard facts demonstrating the adoption of the mobile channel by brands and agencies alike. As mobile usability improves and an increasing number of mobile users opt for smartphones, it is only a matter of time before all the major industry stakeholders are well educated enough to be comfortable employing mobile as part of their digital strategy.

There is bound to be great successes and epic failures, but without these we would not be able to fully define the mobile channel. For brands, its about accepting the qualities mobile possesses. For agencies, its about taking the risks and investment. There are not a lot of agencies out there who can afford to take risks right now, especially in these fragile financial times, but if you can, there is no better time!

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