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Its a Blast!

April 14, 2009


I saw a rather odd advertisement on BBC3 the other day. It involved a gangly looking teenager with bad hair and a dancing nordic dwarf. But, as with advertising, it enticed me to further explore. I was led to a BBC website of all things, headlined ‘BLAST’. I was greeted by the smarmy git that is Zane Lowe (which didn’t set me off on the right foot because I realli want to punch him in the face) and a whole host of content. The key driver for this new site is the concept of creativity. As with my previous post, I have recently been exploring and trying to understand creativity and how it works in various individuals.

It seems as though the BBC is keen to help youngsters understand and embrace their own creativity! Blast is broken down into various subsections, each one an expression of ones creative self. It allows users to submit their own content, discuss and explore. The site isnt heavily reliant on UGC, but it helps to fleshout and create a sense of community and interaction.

I am pleased to see a national body catalysing such a project, and helping the youth of today recognise the opportunities to get creative.

Go take a look for yourself at the BBC Blast Homepage.

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