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April Fools – A few favourites…

April 2, 2009

Well its finally out of the way. Everyone can stop trying to get the one up on one another and playing pranks. The internet always has its fair share of brilliant, and truly dire attempts at pranks, so I thought I would pull together a selection of the best relating to mobile (and a few extras!).

> Gmail now has AutoPilot!

Google Brain Search uses CADIE technology to index your brain. Hold your Phone to your head and check the results!

> Opera has moved on from Mouse Gestures and is investing in Face Gestures.

> This brand new mobile phone works as either a coin-operated or credit/debit card mobile.

> Google is rumored to be acquiring Palm!

> A new mobile phone application has launched that promises to let you see where you are going while you are looking at your phone. “Called TXT’N’WALK, the application, which is available on the iPhone, Blackberry, S60 and Android operating systems will use the camera found on the back of your phone to show you the pavement in front of you while you access your email or the web on your phone.”

> Qualcomm has outdone itself with the Wireless Convergence project. This is just brilliant!

Tech-Crunch has a decent round up of all the best techy ones here.

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