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Opinion: Global Smartphone Markets gets a Shake Up

March 30, 2009

As reported by Mobiad news, Admob has released its latest network metrics report with a focus on smartphones. This now shows that the iPhone is now seen as having 33% of worldwide smartphone traffic (50% in the US), and Android representing 5% of the market.

Regarding other smartphone devices, the BlackBerry Curve is now the number one RIM product, having overtaken the Blackberry Pearl. The BlackBerry Storm is the number one device on Verizon with 14 percent of requests.

As far as worldwide OS share goes, it remains dominated by Symbian with the obvious saturation of Nokia handsets in certain areas of the world, however Android remains outside of the top 5. For the US however, it has already established a 5% market share. This goes to show how over barely 6 months, Android has made a significant impact on one of the largest mobile populations in the world. 

For me, this could well be the calm before the storm as manufacturers begin to switch their OS and begin developing for Android. Its seamless ease of synchronisation with computing OS and the wide range of Google products such as calendar, mail and documents, are sure to see it make a serious impact come late 2009. The iPhone made a similar impact on its early release in late 2007, so there is no reason as to why an OS could not do the same.

It will be interesting to see how the introduction of several new app stores throughout this year will impact upon OS market share, as consumers increasingly demand greater cohesion between their mobile handsets and supporting electronic artillery. Roll on the Android Revolution this Autumn…

You can download the full report via Mobiad News.

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