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Simples: Alexandr Orlov shows the way in social media

March 5, 2009

Who now doesn’t know Alexandr Orlov? That’s right, our fluffy meerkat friend from the recent campaign. Because peoples have been mistaking for the insurance site of similar name, Alexandr found it only appropriate to launch a nationwide campaign to remind customers to go to the right site. Of course, the underlying message was to encourage people to go the the meerkat site with the intention of leading them to the real deal.

The campaign is covering the traditional radio and TV channels, but it has exploded onto the social media scene, embracing both Facebook and Twitter as it seeks to spread the word. Now I do not know whether this was created with the intention of driving more traffic to the main site, or as a spectacular brand awareness exercise, but I am sure on both counts it has been a success. As well as staging conversations via Twitter, it has inspired hundreds of Youtube videos of people trying to imitate Alexandr. This level of integration between traditional and social media is proving a real hit, with near 7000 Twitter followers accompanied by 250,000 Facebook Fans on his official Facebook page

Some people say its annoying. Some people say its pointless. The majority say ‘we love it’.

So if you haven’t already, check out

And for you Twitter users, go follow @Alexandr_Orlov


Now all I need is a Compare the Meerkat ringtone…:)

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