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Review: CIM Mobile Marketing Training Course

March 5, 2009

On Tuesday this week, I made the trip to London for the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Mobile Marketing Course. My lasting thirst for knowledge remains unsatisfied, which is why I look to every possible education opportunity to quench it. Here are my thoughts.

CIM Mobile Marketing Training – 3rd March 2009 – Learning Tree International, Euston, London

Overview (Taken from CIM website) – “Some pundits and futurologists predict that ‘the mobile’ is the computer interface of the future. Given this, and the fact that virtually everyone seems to have one, it seems sensible to try to understand and exploit this exciting marketing interface in a sensitive, professional and permission oriented way which generated value for both ‘consumers’ and the organisation. ”

Venue – The course was held at the Learning Tree International centre in Euston. Surprisingly easy to get to, the LTI building is a textbook example of a training facility. Comfortable classroom-like set ups made this not an appealing environment, but made such a coherent link to my school day memories, I knew I was there to learn!

Course Facilitator – Tony Rowe was the course facilitator. He is a Marketing and IT Consultant based in Yorkshire. A well educated and well informed man, Tony automatically established a solid rapport with the mix of delegates on the course. His relaxed style is accompanied by an assertive edge which ensures the key points are hammered home. A great laugh also, would love to attend one of his courses again.

Personal View – The only disappointment for me is that the original course outline does not indicate it is unsuitable for those with prior mobile experience.

  • For me personally, as someone who dedicates their day to day life to reading and discussing the industry, it was more of an overview and reinforcement of my current perceptions.
  • However, this is of no reflection on the course content itself. It manages to squeeze a huge amount of information into a days worth of discussions.
  • It would be superb for anyone who is keen to learn more about mobile marketing and how to implement and integrate it as part of their digital offering. Even if you do not have a strong understanding of marketing itself, it also reinforces many of the key points with traditional marketing theory

Lunch – As with many of these courses, lunch is included in the cost. 🙂 The grub at Learning Tree International was decent enough, mixture of sandwiches and hot grub to suit many tastes. For me, a JPTTT. For those of you who don’t do Carl Martin Speak, that’s a Jacket Potato with Triple Tuna!

New Friends – I was the only agency representative on the course, with the other delegates residing from client side organisations. Here are the lovely people I bored with my mobile nattering 🙂

  • Shelly Brindley – HR Advisor at Leicester City CHS
  • Steven Marshall – Marketing Executive at Chardon Management
  • Sameer Naik – Marketing Executive at BSkyB plc (and ex Redweb customer!)
  • Sheona Southern – Marketing Director at Cumbria Tourism
  • Kathryn Wolstencroft – Marketing Manager at Manchester City Council

Overall it was a great day and a further addition to my expanding understanding of the mobile marketing industry. Thoroughly recommend it should the wish to run another!

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