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How to build a great Facebook page for your Business

March 5, 2009

Not blowing our own trumpets, but Redweb today launched their very own AMAZING Facebook page, after several months of research, testing and conceptualising. Check out the link below to see the page, which has several goals:


  • Express who we are as not just an agency, but as a group of people
  • Demonstrate the full range of the digital spectrum that we are involved in every day
  • Link to longer discussions through employee blogs (such as my own!)
  • A tool to show clients how we as an agency are approaching and employing social media
  • In the world of B2B, an experiment to see how effective Facebook is as a marketing tool


We are all very excited and very proud of the new page, although Facebook’s latest planned changes could mean a mix up in the design! Check out the Facebook launch photos on the group, and become a fan yourself ! Who knows what exciting nuggets of information you will be rewarded with! 🙂

Come explore!



Just one week after this page was launched, Facebook decided to reformat pages so they appear like profiles. Bastards. Ahhh well, back to the drawing board.

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