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The Big Mobile Brainstorm!

February 26, 2009

Its a start...

As part of my Innovation Thursdays, I began a brainstorm to look into the forms of mobile marketing, the dominant demographic interacting with such campaigns, and how are potential clients could integrate mobile into their current digital spectrum. Thus far, I have identified the following forms:

  • Location – GPS, QR codes, Bluetooth, wifi
  • Handsets – Widgets, Accessories
  • Messaging – SMS/MMS, coupons
  • CRM – Commerce, Tracking
  • (Off) Portal – Internet, Search, SEO
  • Broadcast – Mobile TV, Radio
  • Content – Apps, Games, Music

And to accompany this, 5 key demographics of mobile phone users:

  • Frequent Travellers – Businessmen/women always on the move and heavily rely on mobile
  • Mobile Socialisers – Predominantly a social tool for the 18-25 bracket
  • Families – Low budget, keeping connected households
  • Constantly Connected – Always use their mobile but no specific use
  • Time Rich – mobile is a luxury and have lots of time to use it if need, mainly the 50+ bracket

I will give you a full run down of my thoughts and ideas in the coming weeks. Stay Tuned!! 🙂

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