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Review: Amplified 09 (Tiger Tiger, London) #amp09

February 25, 2009

Attended my first ever Amplified event today with some fellow Redwebbers; Paul Seys (UX) and David Burton (Innov.). We had almost no expectations seeing as we had never been to previous events, so was certainly going to be a learning experience more than anything. Heres what I thought.

Amplified ’09- 24th February 2009 – Tiger Tiger, London

Overview – “Connections are important, incredibly useful things. They stop us drifting, provide anchors, but also form new points for us to push off from”. Amplified intends to establish a network of networks with the intent of creating unity and collaboration throughout the digital/creative/production/media industries.

Venue – Upstairs in Tiger Tiger. Personally I did not like it. Too dark and uninspiring, with tables far too small to stage conversations with a suitable amount of people.

Speakers – There was of course no speakers, however the event was desperately craving facilitators to kick start conversations. A lot of what was said in our brief stint was unneccessery jabber and a lot of what many of us clearly already knew. By the time we started making progress, the ‘designated’ 1 hour time had gone.

Personal View – I must admit, my first experience of Amplified wasn’t great, but due to the brilliance of the concept, it has partially overshadowed my disappointment. Here are the key points I have taken away from a visit to Haymarket:

  • Facilitate – I understand they do not want someone to take charge and rule the roost, however, it would ensure the designated 1 hour time is well organised and the conversation is cleared of all the droll.
  • Timing – I thought 1 hour would provide plenty of time to stage a discussion, but due to the sheer number of opinions, it slowed down play and ultimately made building a conversation difficult. Maybe a group number limit or even a removal of the time limit. Just a thought…

It is an idea that has the future development of the industry in mind, however I just can’t help but feel it needs reconfiguring. I hope that the guys running the events are open to constructive feedback!

Networking Drink of Choice – Seeing as I have a few days left of #boozefreefeb, it was Cokes and Redbull for me!! Sugar-tastic! 🙂

New Friends – I met a few people, including a second rendevous with the man Jonathan Macdonald, but the great meets of the day were at lunch before amplified!! Justin Windle is a guy I know from Bournemouth and is an unbelieveable flash developer/designer, so was great to catch up with him, but also great to meet Mark Ng of Digital Dorset.

All in all, great to get up to London and meet some like minded people, but its a long way to go for such an event. With a little more preperation, would have loved to have staged a discussion on mobile or esoou, but was stupednously unprepared. Lets hope can reflect on what we learnt at Amplified and become a great event and sucess for the Bournemouth area!

Any comments or opinions would be greatfully received!

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