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Cadburys’ Rocking the Viral Boat

February 19, 2009


It is of little surprise that once again, the Cadburys Dairy Milk ad is a hit. But what I find so fascinating is its viral power. Not only do people watch the original hundreds of thousands of times over, but they attempt to remix, reshuffle and remake it every time! As published in Brand Republic recently, Cadburys’ claim that the ‘eyebrow’ ad has been viewed over 4 million times. Now adding to that the number of remixes and remakes…thats one hell of a lot of views. What is it that makes these set of new ads so special? Is Fallon brainwashing us without us realising?! 😀

No, of course they are not. What we are seeing is a fine example of advertising reinforcing a brand. Its different, its funny and its fresh. It appeals to such a broad demographic’s sense of humour. The combination of clever and slap stick humour make it a real winner in my eyes. And to top it all off, it appeals to the viewers aspirational values of wanting to be part of its success. This is what springs the numerous dedications to the ads across the web, and even encourages TV shows and websites alike to get involved. Keep up the good work Fallon…

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  1. February 20, 2009 12:20 pm

    cool stuff carl i have done a blog post on this too. Cardburys are geniouses

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