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Catch Up: Mobile Industry to launch audience measurement system

February 16, 2009

Measure me up...

Its been just over a year since I was piecing together the final parts of my dissertation jigsaw, and celebrates over a year of my undeniable passion for the Mobile Marketing Industry. Tying in quite well with the Mobile World Congress also, it is a constant reminder of how far I have come since deciding to pursue a career in the ‘media’.

An article published today in Brand Republic highlighted an issue raised in the closing paragraphs of my dissertation, with regards to audience measurement in mobile. Heres a peek at an extract from my own paper:

“On the 11th February 2008, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the GSM Association and five of the world’s leading mobile operator groups made a major announcement that will have a long reaching impact on the future of mobile advertising (Mobiad 2008). The GSMA announced that five of its members: Vodafone Group, Telefonica O2 Europe, T-Mobile International, FT-Orange Group and 3 (Hutchison Whampoa) have formed a working group to define common metrics and measurement processes for mobile advertising as part of the GSMA’s Mobile Advertising Programme (Mobiad 2008). This significant step towards a future for the industry is of great importance in general; as it brings together the major network operators and their specific markets under a universal umbrella to understand the ways in which consumers respond to mobile advertising.

Rob Conway ‘The working group and the GSMA will facilitate crucial engagement between mobile operators, advertisers and agencies, to help ensure that mobile advertising realises its full potential for the benefit of all players in the ecosystem’.

The plans made by the GSMA indicate the beginning of a new era of mobile advertising, as it will no longer rely on audience opinion and consumer feedback, but advertisers will now be able to see statistics relating to campaigns in order to judge the rate of response, click through rates and much more. Many of the surveys and research conducted within this industry have shown that the majority of users do not read, or immediately delete mobile advertising they receive in their phones, and with this new information, advertisers will be able to understand why they are deleted, or not followed up, and how they can develop campaigns for the future that will reduce this number.”

One year on and now the GSMA has approved the launch of the system which will have a significant impact upon the future of mobile marketing and the mobile web. As always, privacy issues are questioned, however the intention of this system is to compile aggregated user behaviour data and understand the ways in which demographics and individuals are using the platform.

As long as this is well publicised and audiences are informed appropriately, they will, as well as planners, network operators, advertisers, brands and manufacturers, all start to reap the rewards of a 360 degree understanding and acceptance of mobile measurement.

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