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Worst Phone Feature Ever?

February 9, 2009

There have been some bad features on mobile handsets. I mean really bad! But this just has to be one of the worst. The new Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition comes with a ‘fake call’ option. Why would you want a fake call option I hear you cry? Well apparently its to help you get out of situations where a phone call could help, such as an awkward silence as your dump your girlfriend, or walking through a dark park when their is a group of chavs waiting to pounce. But surely a) if you girlfriend knows you well enough she will know you have a ‘fake call’ feature on your phone, and b) surely your face will light up like a bleeding Christmas tree informing said Chavs that you have a nice shiny mobile for them to pinch!

Either way, manufacturers are really scraping the barrel to compete with the iPhone!

Fake Call...what a heap of crap.

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