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The Rebirth of Woolies

February 2, 2009

Will they be back?

It is with great joy this morning to read that Woolworths is to be relaunched as an online retailer after being bought by Shop Direct, the internet shopping portal owned by Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay, as reported by Brand Republic.

I wonder if they may consider mobile retail? It seems that with numerous retailers having enjoyed success with the platform,  I believe that Woolies could genuinely exploit this niche with its rebirth. Why not optimise their rejuvenation by offering mobile as an alternative shopping solution?

Whether this would be for specific goods, or the whole shibang, I think its a great chance to test the water. Woolworths needs a new hook if it is to rebuild and attract previous or new consumers. If they were to create an easy to use and accessible mobile site, they will be able to create a service for high demand products such as computer games or the latest toys. Have you ever been on the commute, unable to access a computer or simply not get to your nearest store to pre order your own little present?!

I am not sure if this is exacerbated by my desire to see an expansion in mobile retail, or whether it is a genuine opportunity, but I would love to hear your thoughts mobile world!

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