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The Overlooked Art of Consumer Loyalty

January 29, 2009

As the recent Nationwide Building Society advert portays, businesses and b(r)ands use gimmicks and low prices to draw in new customers, and phase out these offers as the customer becomes settled. Surely the customers that are consistently ploughing their hard earned cash into your business are the ones you should be offering the best option to?

From my browsing of the ‘Whisky With Water’ (or world wide web for non-Gavin and Stacey fans) today, this came to my attention on two occasions. Firstly, through @Litmanlive on Twitter, who has been at The Future of Social Media Conference. Today he tweetd:

“Mark Watts-Jones (Head of Orange Dev & Innovation) It cost us £1m to set up Orange Wednesdays 7 or 8 years ago. Best £1m ever spent. #fosm”

It sprung a few thoughts, but no more. Then I received my Farber on Mobile Newsletter from the NMA, in which the key story was: 

‘Easy Does It’

The article highlights how Orange Wednesdays is possibly the only operator service other than cheaper calls or text which might inspire people to stay with their operator. How did I never think of this in more detail before?!

Orange Wednesdays is such a simple concept which involves collaboration with affiliates, and ultimately benefits all parties involved.

  1. Orange gets consumer loyalty and attracts new ones in the process
  2. Cinemas get increased traffic on a relatively quiet night and encourages it as a weekly event
  3. Consumers get cheap cinema tickets!

Easy peasy, Lionel Squeezy! Maybe more network operators, even handset manufacturers should look into affiliations to promote such offers and consumer loyalty. The INQ1 came close as far as manufacturers are concerned by making it the ‘Facebook phone’, but with Facebook apps and the superb usability of the Facebook mobile site so well promoted, it rendered it relatively pointless.

Its about time the industry forgot about teaming up with Prada and Ferrari, and started giving consumers something they can really use. And all it will take is a conversation…

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