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Rant: The Modern Conversation

January 29, 2009

We have a long way to go...

With just two days left of January, it wont be long before I can start using the ‘B’ word again. However its annoying because this post heavily relies on referring to ‘Russells’ (see what I did there!?). 

My enhanced use of Twitter in recent weeks has shown me the way in which people want to, and can enjoy communicating beyond the traditional carrier pigeon and Horse messenger. Many of these conversations span the globe, and retweet after retweet inspires more and more individuals. But what I ask is, when was the last time a Russell had a conversation with you?

When was the last time you were asked for your thoughts or feedback by a b(r)and? And I am not talking about a dull online questionnaire or a cheesy customer service email reminding you that ‘your views are important’.

When was the last time you helped develop a product or campaign?

In this modern age when more and more of us are having more conversations on a more regular basis, shouldn’t we be asking for more?

Twitter, Facebook and every other social network provide b(r)ands with the ability to stage conversations with their key demographic, yet to this point today, I can honestly say that not one has asked me for my input yet!  I have to go find the comment box at the bottom of an article that is just blurted out into the Twitter feed and do it off my own back.

Fair play to start up site, many of their messages finish with ‘Come join the debate’. Getting there I suppose…

So here is your chance ‘Russells’, come join this debate. Come defend yourselves and tell your consumers why you aren’t talking to us, but at us.

I’m waiting…

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