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The Definition of Microtrend

January 27, 2009

Go Climb...

I often talk about the latest and greatest ideas on the mobile platform. Hell, it was only yesterday I was rattling on about Spotify Mobile and using the PSP at live sport. It was however, after a brief scout across the interweb today that I stumbled across this little gem from Japan.

It seems the latest craze relating to mobile in Japan is mini novels, or keitai shosetsu. These short books are written by text message and posted on the web. The stories have taken a particular form; most are written by and for young women and are about difficult subjects such as pregnancy and abortion.

Now this really is a niche! Maybe the ol’ Long Tail theory could hold a future for Mobile. Thats the beauty! With mobile, targeting demographics and suiting specific needs is well within its reach. This also shows a strong indication that mobile applications could become increasingly successful, because in my opinion, it wont be too long before we spend big bucks on paying for software for our mobile. Whether its the ultimate banking facility or the latest and greatest game, expect to start paying PC software prices for your mobile apps. And lets be honest, if something is designed and created with you in mind, you are damm right you will pay for that service!

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  1. January 27, 2009 3:17 pm

    well carl i dont know if i agree if I would pay big bucks.. i heard of this iphone app called tweetie and i was like yeah lets try it and then i found i had to pay £1.80 and that stopped me right there and then… and i havent bought it but i think i will as i have reaserched it more and more… i think what will be more is the free apps that offer advertising and promoting brand names… ?? Maybe i am just a wee bit more stingy but yeah i think that mobiles are going to more of the small cheep apps that are usefull as people dont see the importance of forking out larg sums on apps on the mobile.. Thats my view..

    • carlmartin1987 permalink*
      January 27, 2009 3:22 pm

      I think the point of my argument as such is that with so many common PC solutions migrating to mobile, when it comes to niche solutions, people will pay for the privelage of having it on the mobile platform. I could be wrong, but it all depends on how mobiles improve in the coming years and what becomes available on mobile as standard…great comment though Westy 😉


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