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The 360 Sport Experience goes Mobile

January 26, 2009

Good Old HQ

2008 was, in essence, the birth of HD sport. We found ourselves watching great moments such as the FA Cup and Ryder Cup in glorious detail. The only possible better viewing experience would actually be being there! But then of course you couldn’t get action replays or up to the minute stats to accompany your viewing.

Oh how that is about to change…

As published on Brand Republic, Arsenal Football Club has completed a deal with Sony to allow fans at the Emirates Stadium to watch live streaming video of a match, with a five-second delay, access data and statistics, and view instant replays, all on their PSPs.

For me this idea is brilliant. The number of times I have been at a live game (usually rugby mind!) and wanted to view an instant replay and haven’t been able to. By bringing elements of  TV  to live games, are we working our way towards the ultimate sports experience?! This, accompanied by a successful trial of 3D broastcasts early last year, means soon we may be unable to distinguish between watching a game at home and being there!

All I need now is the Twickenham Guiness Village in my flat and we sorted! 😀

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