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Opinion: Barack Attack

January 21, 2009

Oooh I am popular...

Following on from my recent post ‘Barack Mobama Speaks’,  I have recieved numerous people showing me links to alternative stories along the same lines. It seems that it isn’t just me that has noticed Obama’s employment of mobile throughout his campaigning.

I was recently contacted by Chris Lennartz, Vice President of Product Marketing at Airwide Solutions, from across the pond in the United States, who also has an opinion on the impact Obama has had on mobile marketing. However it is a seperate point that has drawn my attention:

“Recent research conducted by comScore M:Metrics on behalf of Airwide Solutions revealed that the number of people sending text messages across the EU is growing 3.3% year on year, a figure only beaten by MMS which is growing by 9.2%. Such a high penetration service provides the perfect opportunity for operators to differentiate themselves, adding innovative applications and services which marry the possibilities of the internet with the specific ultra-valuable capabilities of the mobile network. SMS also provides the perfect medium for mobile advertising campaigns with its unrivalled reach and personal connection to the user. Out of office, auto-forward and storage/back up capabilities are also helping move SMS further into the lives of users and, due to its reliability, also into the business world for banking, tickets, charging.”

In context, Chris has stated a very valuable point. In this fast paced industry, with all the latest gadgets and technology becoming available on the modern handset, we often forget about the simplicity of early techniques. SMS is often frowned upon for its intrusive and commonly push nature, however when employed in the appropriate context, it can actually be just right. With the ability to target specific demographics via SMS becoming increasingly available, I don’t see why many b(r)ands don’t experiment with SMS…just to gauge a response at least. Its easy to set up, and as Chris has stated, it is reliable! All you need is some customer data and a good copywriter!

Its all part of my master plan to get businesses into mobile marketing. After all…that means more work for those of us in the industry 🙂

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