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Barack Mobama Speaks…

January 19, 2009

The Man Himself...

Barack Obama’s presidential race victory came as little suprise to a lot of people. However, the nature of his victory was what was so incredible. In what was dubbed ‘election 2.0‘, Obama employed a huge range of social media to target the masses, and to spread his message across the USA, and the world. Twitter and Youtube were just the start of a complete domination of the media by the president elect. 

His inauguration tomorrow is no different, as Mobile Marketer reports. Obama is employing an SMS service to encourage Americans to join in the many service projects in the lead up to the big day. Now within the industry,  it is no secret that Americans are not the biggest fan of SMS, so how will they respond?

For a market saturated with mobiles, or ‘cellphones’, this seems like the best way of targeting such a huge demographic. And whats more, by responding with a Zip code, the users are able to receive updates of the latest events in their area. 

I think this is a great tact by the big man, and truly believe this could shape the future of leaders communicating with their followers. I can certainly see voting and future campaigns employing mobile, but obviously the big boundaries are those 3 P’s.

Privacy, Permission and Preference…

I wonder if anyone can supply information on how mobile has been prevuiously used in political campaigning, and how they have overcome these mini mine fields? Think thats a job for ‘Every Single One of Us’…

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  1. January 19, 2009 11:55 am

    hey dude… how do you use a sms feature thing for websites like the twitter update number and the facebok moble texts on 02… is it expensive..

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