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Review: Every Single One of Us Powow

January 16, 2009

Lets pull together...

Powow…WOW! If you are into Mobile marketing, and you weren’t at this event last night…you have missed out.  My first real event for the industry, and I will begin to review every one that I attend to let you know how it went! Enjoy!

Every Single One of Us Powow – 15th January 2009 – ICA, London

Overview – The birth of a movement catalysed by Mr Mobile Marketing UK, Jonathan Macdonald. The absolute cream of the mobile marketing crop was in attendance, to get to grips with what Every Single One of Us intends to achieve. Several key speakers gave great presentations, followed by networking beers!

Venue – The Nash Room at the ICA is stunning! A great size for the 80 odd in attendance, but still maintaining a very personal feel.

The Nash Room

Speakers – The list of speakers was extensive, but every single one contributed their bit to the bubbling melting pot. It was fantastic for me to get an understanding of their personalities, because thus far I have only ever associated them with text on their blogs! 

Personal View – To try and tell you all what ESOOU is all about in a blog post is as good as impossible. However I will offer some phrases that summarise its intent and ideals quite succinctly.

  • Traditional media digitised. Mobile isn’t digital; mobile is digital…mobilised
  • ‘The End User’ is absolute bollocks. Especially with mobile. User’s must feedback and talk with brands!
  • Preference is a much deeper connectivity than ‘I like cars’ and ‘I like watching rugby’. Go beyond and look at how even the most specific preferences interact with one another
  • Change is the enemy of the competent…I for one am not going to sit back and be happy with how things are.

It truly is a special thing how 80 people can come together to be part of the birth of something so unique. My bet is that 50% of those in attendance did not understand what the hell it was all about, so thank god the other half do! Because it is those 40 odd people who will now begin to infect others with its message, and spread the seed to initiate the growth of this project. Trust me, you want to be part of this. Thats the best thing, every single one of us can be part of this and contribute to this.

Networking Drink of Choice – My first networking meet, it had to be a Guiness. 

New Friends – I met some great people on the night, with some job titles I might just fancy, but here are the ones I remember out of all the top people I met.

  • Alexandra Mecklenburg – Global Brand Director at Ogilvy – She reads this blog! 🙂
  • Stuart Young – 
  • Carl Costa – Director of
  • James Cameron – Freelance Conference Producer (IIR Telecoms)
  • Thomas Kahrl – Managing Director of Ikonica Limited

There were plenty of others but can’t remember names! Networking Fail!

Key Points

  • Sort my business cards out!
  • Get on Twitter

So if you are visiting this blog on the back of meeting me yesterday, and I haven’t mentioned your name, feel free to slander the hell out of me on your own sites! And then drop me an email to say hi! 🙂

Cannot wait for the next meet!




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  1. January 16, 2009 2:14 pm

    Great post and brilliant to have met you last night.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. January 17, 2009 8:49 pm

    Hi Carl, annoyed I missed this one but then thinking about it I did have better things to entertain me at the time! Will definitely make it to the next one though.


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