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The Mobile Crunch

January 14, 2009


Times are hard for everyone at the moment. The recession has hit a lot of businesses pretty hard, and many friends have been victims of it. However, as reported on Mobile Marketer Daily today, during the recession there has been a 50% growth in paid banner advertisements in the US. BuzzCity, who compiled the report, said that in total, 382 million paid advertising banners were served to a U.S. audience during the fourth quarter of 2008. For the entire year, banners served in the U.S. grew by 209 percent

For many brands and advertisers, this is merely a toe in the water. Although not the best option available in mobile advertising, it is a superb way for brands to gauge as to how consumers respond to mobile ads. Given the right advice and providing the most appropriate measurement facilities are in place, its only a matter of time before advertisers recognise the benefit of dedicating a substantial part of their marketing budget to the mobile platform

Below is a link to a great presentation on marketing in the recession, which is not only great to view, but very informative and applicable to the importance of mobile marketing in the crunch…

Ads on Edge

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: branding recession)
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