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January 4, 2009

Create a Widget

Applications and widgets cover a broad spectrum nowadays. Some help save time and make even the most difficult task seem simple. Others simply make our life a misery! And there is always the odd sprinkling of apps designed to make us laugh. On the Nokia Innovation Newsdesk, I spotted this little competition to design a new widget for the impending Nokia N97 smartphone. It got me thinking.

Forget everyone elses needs and requirements, what widget would I want?! My brief moment of thinking came up with these ideas, some undoubtedly better than others!

  • Captains App – There are plenty of websites out there that allow sports team captains to coordinate their sides and communicate with their sides, but as far as I am aware, there are no mobile apps. Why not create one that can directly import your contacts from your address book and use on the move? Then you can select your squad and notify them of meet times, position selected to play etc, without the need of a computer?
  • Memo App – I beg anyone to show me a good memo app or widget on any mobile! One that you can write sticky notes, arrange in priority in a more visual fashion, and synchronise with your calender or contacts if need.
  • Attached App – Ever been out and seen a nice looking girl and not wanted to approach her because you reckon she almost certainly has a bloke? Well this can change, with an app, designed around the concept of QR codes. By photographing the girl from a distance (you stalker…) it automatically connects to Facebook and using facial recognition, deduces whether this girl has her status set as single, in a relationship, or Whatever I can Get! A surefire winner!

Whats your ideal app or widget?!

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