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Happy New Year

January 2, 2009

nwyrsWell 2008 has passed, submitted to the memory banks of time, leaving 2009 to take the reigns and direct my future path! 2008 was an incredible year for me, getting a degree, travelling and then nailing a great job.

I am hoping that this success will continue and 2009 will prove just as fantastic. As with every new year, we all have our predictions, so here are mine for 2009:

  • – Mobile Marketing hits the big time – The long awaited explosion of mobile marketing has just been dying to come out, and I am sure this is the year for it to happen. The undeniable success of Blyk, the advancing use of QR codes and the continued developments in handset technology mean this year could see mobile marketing become a strong focus for many brands and agencies.
  • – England win the 6 Nations – Yes thats right, I am putting it out there! England had a miserable 2008, and am sure they will see the light in 2009. After a half promising Autmun International series, I am adamant that we will once again step up to the plate and have a good go. Besides, England v France is on my birthday and will not be happy if we lose!
  • – Redweb to break the top 50 NMA Interactive Agencies and to finally win some silverware – Currently boasting a position in 92nd, Redweb has the potential to be so much more. With rapid expansion and an ambitious vision for the future, I expect this year to be better than ever for my Bournemouth based agency. I also expect one or two real big name clients to jump aboard the Redweb train…but who?!

So, 2009 is underway, and hopefully my new years hangover is nothing to go by! Here is to a successful, propserous and healthy 2009 to you all.

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