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The Future is Mobile

December 15, 2008

It has been no secret. The Redweb offices are well familiarised now with my indescribable passion for all things mobile (mainly my disgust at having the awful LG Viewty as my current handset…). Having supported and shown an interest in this passion since the day of my arrival, it seems as though they are also set to exploit its worth!

I have been asked to work alongside our Head of Innovation, one Mr David Banter Burton, to look into how Redweb could pursue the mobile sector in relation to its current clientel. Suddenly, the Carl Martin ideas machine has kicked into overdrive! My head is chocker block with mobile wizadry, just waiting to be unleashed upon some unsuspecting client. And there is nothing they can do about it!

I keep track of daily mobile related findings at the Redwebmobile delicious page I set up a few weeks ago,  and now looking back, it is a mountain of great material as Redweb looks to make the most of 2009, aka The Year of the Mobile.

So what are these exciting ideas I hear you scream? Well that would just be telling. SMS marketing it is not, think more along the lines of iPhone apps to even get slightly warm. All I know is that I cannot wait to start seeing these plans in action!

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