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Persuasion Architecture

November 19, 2008

Usability is understated. Far too often when browsing the web have I been greeted by an outstanding aesthetic site, however I can’t find the information I want! A recent NMA feature looked into the User Experience and Usability Trends, which inspired me to look into it in more detail myself. Usability is also an important part of Redweb’s scope, and therefore seems only right that I brush up and understand this vital element of any media build.

Persuasion architecture is one term used in the article as a device to describe the understanding of building a new site. Catriona Campbell, director at Foviance says that “Far too many sites are confused and trying to appeal to everyone“. In so many ways this is far too true. Especially for e-commerce sites, or those trying to make a sale, rather than targeting a specific demographic that is applicable to their product or service, they attempt to make the site has broad as possible in an attempt to attract new customers. Such websites include those for local councils, niche products and holidays; all being previously criticised for the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Ultimatley, the only way that such sites will recognise success, is when they begin to turn ‘lookers into bookers’. The foundation of this begins in a sites architecture, with the design used to supplement and make life easier for the consumer. Much of the latest web analytics software, that explores the user experience, can show how a users mouse tracks around the site. It will become clear from this kind of research whether usrs of the site understand their own journey or whether the site provides too many obstacles for their journey to be complete.

Lets have a look at one websites Usability and how successful it is a providing information, making a sale and allowing an easy custoemr journey.

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  1. November 23, 2008 8:41 am

    Great post. I like it a lot.

    Since I went to your blog, why don’t you go to mine 😀

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