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A Chance?!

September 15, 2008

Persist. Advice that is constantly thrown at graduates with regards to job hunting. If you persist your rewards will eventually follow. And seems like my persistance has paid off, as an interview has popped up with a favourite agency of mine! Based in Bournemouth, they are an NMA Top 100 Interactive Agency, as well as in the top 50 Media Momentum businesses (fastest growing media businesses).

This interview originally came around from a Creative Careers day at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth, at which I met one of the Account Managers, and it seems that I made a positive impression! However, like several agencies, my application was put on hold or rejected because of my trip to Ghana. But a few follow up emails meant that this Wednesday I was offered an interview to work as an Account Executive.


Gonna lay the smackdown on this interview!

Gonna lay the smackdown on this interview!

An exciting opportunity you might agree! Although this blog is titled for advertising, my passion is closely linked to the web and digital media, especially advertising using the technology. To launch a career in the Media Industry with a Top 100 Interactive Agency working with clients of significant calibre is quite the prospect, however it is going to mean me pulling off one hell of an interview in the process.

My suit will be in the dry cleaners, and I will be scrubbing up on my web knowledge the night before, don’t want to miss this chance!

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