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September 10, 2008

Direction is important. It could be choosing the right road towards your favoured destination. It could be finding your way in the desert before an untimely death. Or it could be the path you set out on to towards your ambitious career goals. For me, the latter applies without a shadow of a doubt.

The thing is, I believed I had identified my direction around a year ago, when after intense research, I decided that I wishes to pursue an Account Management based career within the industry. However to make a step into Account Management isn’t that easy. Many agencies use their notoriously tough grad schemes to select Account grads, whereas others wont allow anyone near a client until they have had agency experience.

So for me, I have decided to be less picky about where I start. Despite my heart set on Account Management, I have the skills to employ myself within Planning or Design, and as a grad, either job provides sufficient experience to provide a platform on which to develop.

So now the table has several pies, all of which I want to stick my finger in. But some may be too hot, some may be too cold, others may just not let me stick my finger in. I’ve just got to find a pie thats just right.

And now I really want some pie….

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