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The Big Week

September 8, 2008

Home is where the heart is. For me, home is also where I know I need to work pretty bloody hard to find a job! I have titled this week, the big week. I have called it this because it will ultimately decide how the next 3 to 6 months will pan out. I have applied for almost every graduate job going on the IPA website, as well as exploring the jobs section on the Brand Republic site. Many a CV and covering letter have been written, each one tailored to the employer.

This week will involve chase up phone calls and emails, and who knows, maybe I will hear something back? With the current economic climate, credit crunch and all, I have little expectation that many agencies will be looking into employing graduates. Graduates means little experience coming in, more money going out, plus money and time going into training said graduates. It just wouldn’t make sense. But little do they know that Carl Martin isn’t asking for much and wants to contribute to the agencies productivity immediatley!

Whether it is successful, I don’t know, but this big week will tell me if I will land a nice little graduate job at a decent agency, or if I will be working the tills at my local waitrose for the next few months.

If theres a God…

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