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Same Pasture. New Patch.

September 10, 2009

This is a post that I never thought I would write after just 10 months. But please bare with me and my superfluous use of adjectives. Unfortunately, my time as an Account Executive with Redweb has come to an end. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Account Management team, but my craving for innovation has led me astray. I am however delighted to report that my personal direction is aligned very much with Redweb’s immediate and future ambitions.

Therefore, I am over the moon to announce that I have been promoted to the new position of ‘Mobile Strategist‘.

Carl Martin - Mobile Strategist

Its a brand new, yet superbly exciting position that will allow me to dedicate my time solely into driving Redweb into the Mobile Marketing, Content and Internet industries. To take the opening line of my job description:

“The mobile strategist provides leadership, internal direction, drive and subject expertise to the specialist product and service area of mobile, including internet and applications.”

Redweb has been nothing short of incredible in helping to nurture my passion for all things mobile, and my hard work over the past year has been rewarded with this new role. Redweb has already taken steps into the iPhone app development and mobile web development markets, however in this new role I will be looking to truly drive home the commerical viability of mobile as part of our clients digital strategy. I will be working closely with David Burton, our Head of Innovation, to not only expand our mobile product range, but to also create some inspired, award winning mobile work. That also means I will be looking to attend many more industry events, and am now actively looking for speaking opportunities (no matter how big or small!), so feel free to get in touch.

As soon as its ready, I will be moving over to my new blog too ( where I will be documenting my work in this new position.

I am looking forward to meeting new people, trying out new ideas, and hopefully working with some brilliant minds in the near future. Its the start of a whole new chapter in my career, and I hope you will join me for the ride.

Lets go…

HTC Hero Cake

September 4, 2009

Because I wanted to…

HTC Hero Cake

Mircosoft’s New Smart Phone?!

August 24, 2009

LG Watch Phone in Action

August 20, 2009

Thanks to top dog Conor from Orange, heres a look at the new LG watch phone in action. In honesty, it doesnt look that bad! Touch screen reponds well, some neat functionality and a perfectly usable device. Unfortunately, this isn’t the future. Although it may seem very next generation, the Mobile is firmly headed in the direction of taking over from portable computers, and as a wearable device there will always be a limited market. In the meantime theres no harm in having a play however! 🙂

iPhone Hatred

August 14, 2009

Now I am not the biggest iPhone fan…but this just seems rather silly.


August 13, 2009

What are expectations?

Is it eagerly waking up Christmas morning to be greeted by the Mini Wood Workshop you always wanted?

Is it pruning yourself ready to accept that ‘sure-thing’ job promotion?

It is all of these things, but as marketers, understanding (and managing) audience expectations should be part and parcel of our job remit. Audience and citizen expectations are formulated over time by the way they interact with b(r)ands and services. However, the platforms and utilities that connect them to this content are in control of marketers if they wish, yet we continue to ‘predict’ the audience expectations rather than develop an understanding of the way the human mind works and performs these interactions.

In its simplest form, we are all guilty of thinking we know what the audience wants. Ultimately, we don’t. Trends and technologies move far too fast for us to try and take a shot in the dark. By looking closer at the human psyche, we can begin to manage audience expectations, and further influence the way they interact with our content.

This video was shared via Twitter by the top dog Adland Suit (who by the way also has an outstanding blog you should check out here) and inspired me to write this post. It shows Bobby McFerrin using audience participation to demonstrate the power of the pentatonic scale. It does however provide a brilliant visual representation for this post. Enjoy. 🙂

Android: Apps without Borders

August 12, 2009

I stumbled across the video on Youtube today, and thought it was a brilliantly short yet sweet way of demonstrating the way the open source Android OS allows applications to access the hardware, software and other downloaded applications. Its a video from the early days of Android, but it demonstrates at the very basic level what can be achieved. Just from watching this I have all sorts of ideas washing around!